Update v1.3.6

v1.3.6 jetzt verfügbar 🙂


  • Added Unset Button für Custom Adventures
  • Added Überprüfung der Command Points
  • Added Update Benachrichtigung

18 Gedanken zu “Update v1.3.6”

    1. Yeah I know. You probably have one or more sworn swords doing missions. The new version fixed this but it is not ready to be released yet.

  1. Beseech doesn’t seem to be working since today’s update. I tried deleting my old copy (DL’d 17-8-13) with a fresh copy. Still gets stuck with no progress on the bar.

        1. Yeah because the last version didn’t have pvp results and the check got a problem with quests but I’ll fix that and upload a fixed version with a few UI changes, too.

          1. Awesome! I have been wanting to try this out since I just heard about it but beeseeching was not working.

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