Update 1.4.4

Hopefully fixed the bugs you where experiencing.
I’m sorry that it took so long. Was really busy working on my first Windows 8 App and got exams in two weeks.


  • Bug Fix
  • Closing the sending dialog now cancels the sending process as soon as possible

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3 thoughts on “Update 1.4.4”

  1. Not working for me, I hit custom adventure and select all and try to set adventure, when I pick it, it makes me pick the action for that one SS and then acts like I just set that single SS not all of them

  2. would be great if you could just make it so the current adventure party can be repeated in game since the bonus rolls works on the ingame party. also i do not seem to be able to set book 2 lvl 90+ adventures which drop sacrifice or ceromonial bowls. to be honest i am struggling getting anything set or working, do you have a guide/how to?when i try select all and set adventure it only actually sends 1 SS

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