Update 1.4.2

Update 1.4.2:

  • Adds an optional Save Mode where a custom random time is waited between each step of sending out a sworn sword (Sending out one sworn sword is around 3-4 steps)

If you want to change the duration or whether the save mode should be on or not, navigate to the folder where Chrome stores extensions (the path on a Windows machine: “%APPDATA%/Local/Google/Chrome/User Data/Default/Extensions/{ID}/{version}/” You can find the ID of the extension at chrome://extensions. The store version’s ID is: lhboojbdjddolappgccideokjmgnejll)
Open swornswords.js and change the values to whatever you want. It should be obvious there which variables to change.
Change USE_LOCALSTORAGE_WAITING to false if you want to change the min and max waiting time.

12 thoughts on “Update 1.4.2”

  1. Stefan, I love this extension, been using it since day one with no problems. However in the past week or two I’ve not been able to send any SS out. I’m only able to view results. In the past when this occurred I was able to “reset” everything by sending SS out manually just once. This isn’t working now either.

  2. Hi, sorry recently i’ve had an issue with adware extensions, this looks safe but just to be safe i would prefer to get it from the chrome web store, the issue i’m having however is it doesn’t seem to show up in a search in the store, yet if i click the link it opens a page to get the app on the store. So why doesn’t it show up in a search?

    1. Because I don’t want it to. It’s a setting in the chrome developer console to let your app only be visible for people having the link.
      It’s still a normal chrome web store app like every other one you can find in the search. And don’t worry no ads or anything else. This extension is only active on the gota-www.disruptorbeam.com website.

  3. Hello,
    Firstly; Thank you for a very good work, I love your extension 🙂

    I have been using your extension for 6-8 months now and did NOT have ANY problems up to the last update. It has completely stopped working…. I cannot add or change advantures or change their attack types….

    Could you please help? Is there possibility to downgrade to older versions?
    I have uninstalled and installed virtually everything. (Not the OS)
    Windows 7 64bit SP-1
    Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m

    1. sry for the late reply 🙁
      I moved last month and didn’t have internet ’til today.
      I just updated the extension and fixed the set adventure. I don’t have much time right now so I don’t have the time to write an update post.
      There’s just one thing I can’t fix. The way I removed the start command of the adventure when you set the adventure doesn’t work anymore which means every time you set up an adventure the sworn sword gets sent to it immediately.
      Please tell me if everything important works now.
      Also I can’t upload the update to the chrome webstore yet because their upload doesn’t work.
      I’ll try again later.
      Works now. Just uploaded the updated version to the chrome webstore.

  4. Hi, Since I updated to version 1,4,2 the extension has acting strangely, now after re-installing OMNISWORD does not allow to change or add adventures. I reset the Chrome browser settings, removed the OMNISWORD, added it again but still I have the same problem.

  5. Something’s up. I’ve had to reset the Save timers 3 or 4 times since 2 days ago, and clicking either of the “Set Adventure” buttons are doing nothing.
    I uninstalled Omni, closed chrome, reinstalled Omni and all my settings are still there, and it still doesn’t work.

    1. Deleted the Omni settings from the localstorage in case something was corrupted.
      Still won’t work

      1. Well, I sorta take that back. It’s working, but for some reason clicking “Set Adventure” isn’t popping to the foreground. It’s behind the Omni gui. I closed Omni and saw the Adventure selection screen. Clicked the adventure, pressed GO and it set it for all.
        So, sorta working 🙂

        1. Hell, it won’t pop up at all now. back or fore ground. Somethings broken.
          At some point I’ll uninstall and clear the local cache and see if that helps.
          Well, at least the Adventure Party isn’t complete crap anymore.

  6. An old problem has cropped up.
    If you have a multiple of 5 SS’s, the “All Sworn Swords” thing pushes them down as it always did.
    But if you go all the way to the last page, X out of it then go back in, that last SS is over written by the Omni and doesn’t display unless you click back one view and back to it again.
    Sorry if that didn’t make much sense, but out of coffee, and massive migraine 🙂

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