5 thoughts on “Update 1.4.1 now in Chrome Webstore”

  1. The important question is: Did you figure out how to get this thing to slow the heck down so it looked like an actual person and not a script? Pretty sure they are still happy to toss the BanHammer around if they catch people doing it to quick. Now that the AP is out, there’s less logs for them and it’s easier for them to see people doing Adventures “manually”

    1. ugh…still fast as hell. tested it with 10. 🙁
      Think I’ll just use the AP for now.

      1. Yeah, I’ll add that today. 🙂 But I don’t think they’d use this as a way to ban people.
        There are easier ways with a lower chance to ban “innocent” people.
        I just finished a new version with a timer and a random name for the dialog.
        Still it would be a piece of cake for them to detect this extension if they wanted to.

  2. Thanks for the update. Didn’t think it would ever be done considering AP now being active. But this is way easier and isn’t limited to needing to spend TP’s to send out X amount of SS. Which still sucked since there was a limit of now many SS’s could ever be sent out at one time.

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