Update v1.3.7

v1.3.7 now available


  • Hopefully fixed results bug when one or multiple sworn swords are questing
  • Added Sworn Swords can now be selected in the Custom Adventure dialog and you can send only the selected ones

42 thoughts on “Update v1.3.7”

  1. Here’s a thought.
    Don’t know if the injection of code allows for it as I really am limited with my knowledge of coding. But I was wondering if there was a way for this to do calculations and maybe display in the SS’s info in the Keep their over all stats.


    It’s a poor version of what I mean, but the general idea is there 🙂
    It’s also missing defense stats, tho I guess could just be displayed with ###/### for those times that an item on an SS is for defense % only…if those items exist… 🙂

    1. I think that might get a bit overloaded and I wanna concentrate on the main purpose of this extension first 😉
      But thanks anyway for your suggestions 🙂

  2. Sent an SS out manual because I wanted to check something related to the timers, then went to send out the rest using Omni, and when I click the “Go!” button this shows

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token ILLEGAL swornswords.js:129
    os_injectScript swornswords.js:129
    os_startAdventure swornswords.js:575
    (anonymous function) swornswords.js:230
    jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3074
    elemData.handle jquery.js:2750

    Reloaded and it worked as expected
    Guess sending out a manual SS without a reload is a no-no? 🙂

    1. nope actually that should work.
      it looks like there was a problem with getting the adventure and the action because one of them was not defined.

  3. There’s still an error…Sent out my SS’s, they finished, went to View Results in Omni, and the View Results button is unhighlighted/unclickable

    Pic with the View Results and just 2 of my SS’s waiting collection

    1. have you tried reloading?
      in my experience the data the extension gets from the website is sometimes not very accurate.
      probably because of the timer bug when all my ss seem to be on a quest when they really are finished.

    2. Reloaded and now it says
      42/46 Sworn Swords available
      And the View Results button is clickable.
      Are we supposed to reload everytime? Just wondering if I missed something in the instruction 🙂
      Also, wondering, does the Train text as opposed to the Done text do anything? No right? It’s not looking for the link via the 3 SS view on the main screen, but using the 5 long display of the Keep?
      Just asking because before I reloaded all 3 of the slots on the Main screen had Train rather than Done showing. That changed to Done when I reloaded.

      1. nope 🙂
        dunno if you understand it but I’m injecting a script into the main website that extracts the sworn sword objects and these objects have a cooldown member that should be 0 if the ss is done but sometimes it is not 0 although the ss is done until you reload the page.
        I know that’s not perfect but I can’t do anything about it 🙁
        I could implement other checks but they wouldn’t be as fast as this method and they probably wouldn’t run in the background.

        1. One thing that I’ve noticed is that collecting my silver from the counting house will always fix any weird timer problems for me.
          Considering you might not want to be collecting silver every 10 seconds to update timers, you could also just send


          That appears after quite a few things such as silver collection, and seems to do a timer reset of it own. At least so I’ve noticed. Might be able to send that every 10 seconds and have the timers at least closer than what they are now.

          Unless your timer thing is completely separate from the actual timer of course.
          I just figured that Omni read the timer when sending out the SS’s and used that to figure out when to enable the View Results at least for the ones that are ready. Considering with the Custom Adventures you can send out half on a 2hr adventure and the other half on a 14 min adventure, you obviously don’t want to wait 2hrs for the View Results button to pop up.

          I know when looking in the console I’m spammed to hell and back by all the info that GoTA’s devs throw in there. Especially the Build timer when you have a load of Buildings working on stuff. ugh…Every second 10+msgs.

          But if after the player_data is sent, Omni could scan the SS timers allowing for a better View Results timing button.
          Unless once again, I’m not understanding how Omni works.
          Just not sure if it’s a “constant running” type thing, or a “set it and forget it” type where just the click does what’s needed and then that’s it for the rest of the time until Collection time.

          1. yeah collecting your silver somehow reloads the page/information.
            I’ll see if I can do that before retrieving the information if the sworn swords are finished.
            But the View Results button should be clickable as soon as 1 or more sworn swords are finished so you shouldn’t have to wait 2 hrs for the rest.

  4. Only sent 27 of my 41 available/CP
    There’s no output from Omni in the console log. I see the log command in the script, but there’s no output. Didn’t see anything weird off hand from the GoTA msgs.
    I’ll check in a few again. Running the shortest quests right now.

    1. Interesting….the CP showed 27/41, but I just collected and Won 33/Lost 8
      That’s the 41.
      No idea why GoTA said I only have 27 out. I didn’t have any PVP’s out either, but that would still show in the count regardless.
      Maybe something was stuck somewhere. The View Results was still there after collection and when I clicked again, it did another few collections…no idea why.

      Just sent out another batch, and it’s 41/41.

    1. hm, any errors in the console? (Ctrl+Shift+I)
      I don’t have a blank page on custom adventure 🙁

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