Game of Thrones – Ascent – OmniSword Chrome Extension

Current Version: 1.4.4 [DISCONTINUED]

Got another response from Nod.
He left the choice whether or not I’ll continue working on this extension to me.
He just asked me to warn you:

All third-party software is used at their own risk and against our [Disruptor Beams]
Terms of Service.

I don’t know of any bans yet. If you got banned because of this extension please let me know in the comments or send me an E-Mail.
Use this extension on your own risk!

Quick note:

If you like this extension, share it with your friends and your guild 😀
(Here’s a shortlink:


Disruptorbeam changed the Game of Thrones Game. They now have their own accounts and since this extension only works on the “real” Game of Thrones – Ascent website, people who played that game with their facebook account have to go to the “real” website (simply click on the extension’s icon), click on “Already playing on facebook?” and follow the instructions.

Everyone who played Game of Thrones Ascent for some time now knows that giving orders to your sworn swords can be a lot of work.

That’s why I created my new (and my first 😉 ) Chrome Extension.

With my Game of Thrones – Ascen – OmniSword Chrome Extension you can send all your Sworn Swords to the same Mission with just a few clicks.
More features and a prettier integration are coming in a couple of days.
I.e. the possibility to choose a mission and action for each of your sworn swords and sending them all on their own mission with just two or three clicks.

You can download my extension here: Click me to download Game of Thrones – Ascent – OmniSword

How to add the extension to your Google Chrome Browser: Click here

PS: You have to be on the real game website ( for the extension to work. You can click on the extension’s Icon to get there.

Known Bugs etc:

  • First three sworn swords won’t display on click – FIXED
  • could (and will) be prettier – FIXED
  • if you click on “All Sworn Swords” you cant switch to a single one without having to open the Keep again – FIXED


The All Sworn Swords Tab
The All Sworn Swords Tab
The new design features progress dialogs for actions like retrieving the adventure results or sending your sworn swords on an adventure
The new design features progress dialogs for actions like retrieving the adventure results or sending your sworn swords on an adventure
The new results dialog
The new results dialog
Set up custom adventures for each of your sworn swords or send them on their custom adventures
Set up custom adventures for each of your sworn swords or send them on their custom adventures
The progress dialog shown while sending your sworn swords on their missions
The progress dialog shown while sending your sworn swords on their missions

223 thoughts on “Game of Thrones – Ascent – OmniSword Chrome Extension”

  1. While collecting from my Adventures I ran into a 503 code:
    Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 503 (Service Temporarily Unavailable)
    Which then of course froze up Omni. I reloaded and it was fine, but I just don’t know what I collected. No biggie.
    But got me to thinking:
    How about a Cancel button that when clicked will finish the last collection and then display the report screen. For those times that you started to collect then for whatever reason decided that you wanted to not collect.
    Or alternately, can Omni know when it’s run into that error and then display the report screen and say that there was an error?
    OR alternately, can Omni know when it’s run into that error and try again a certain # of times to see if it can get past the error to finish it’s run, and if it can’t then display the report screen and say that there was an error?

    Also, for the starting of the Adventures maybe a Cancel button as well. I’ve started adventures and then realized I’d forgotten to switch quests, or meant to do some other stuff.
    Tho, I know in this case, a reload is just as effective, and is usually what I’ll do.

  2. A hint for those of you still willing to risk using Omnisword: DB seems to be picking it up when you use the check results button, but not otherwise 😉

  3. Another suggestion (and feel free to have the desire to kick me in the teeth for this one)
    Named Loadouts.
    Sometimes you need to hunt for Sacrifices. Sometimes you need Steel. Other times you want to get Crystal Swords.
    You need to go thru the whole process of adding the quest to them, setting your preferred talent, and hope that you are even on the right time setting for it.
    How about named loadouts? Maybe 5 of them.
    You can set up what your most hunted for items separately and run them when you need them. Of course, ability to rename or delete them would be needed.
    I’ll be hiding behind that wall over there *points and runs the other way*

    1. wait…i’m not too savy on rpgs (gota is my first and i’m hooked), but we can somehow hunt specific quests or adventures for these hard-to-get items?? help, please!

  4. Suggestion: Rather than doing that whole page shuffling thing when adding the “All Sworn Swords” thin in place of the 1st SS, why not just overwrite the “Add Sword Sword” instead. This way it’s on every page. The Devs recent “fix” of the flipping back to page 1 seems to make OS’s “ASS” (heh, never noticed what worked out to) over write the 1st SS on a page when you train. So, if I’m on page 5, and train SS#1 when it reloads the 5th page OS is overwriting the SS with it’s ASS and not moving the icons around like it does with the 1st page. If you permanently put OS’s ASS over DB’s ASS, it would help. Besides, there’s the “Recruit” button up top that can be used.
    But figure that one out after you figure out how to slow down OS a bit using a timer 🙂

  5. People have gotten banned today for PtP bookmarking. I have not been banned but I know of people who have been. Just a warning to everyone using this…

    1. Thanks for the warning 🙂
      But since this extension does not support PtP, I don’t see a reason to be scared. Except if someone here got banned who just uses this extension and did not bookmark PtP.
      I gotta say that I can understand why DB bans people who do this bookmarking “trick” because it is extremely unfair and annoying for the people who get attacked all the time.
      I hope you guys don’t do things like that.

      1. Since the harmful PtP actions are limited to 3 per player per day, I don’t think PtP bookmarking is such a problem. People are using it mainly to send out barters and perhaps aid actions. It basically just gives the same advantage as Omnisword is giving, but for PtP.

        But seriously though, they’ve stated that they do indeed ban people for using Omnisword. You have clearly not been banned yet, Stefan, and I’m really not sure why. Read here:

      2. Khatie has stated on the forums that Omnisword users will get bans, perhaps adding a delay timer between the sending of each SS might help get around this – after all most of us use your extension to avoid the endless clicking – if it was possible to have a delay of say 10s between the sending of each SS, then it’s not really giving us an advantage – just enabling us to send our SS out without endless clicking 🙂

          1. would what colin says above work? To my thinking the only way this could feasibly be tracked by DB is by monitoring deployment of SS and if it is deemed too fast to be human or patterened then must be a script.

            if there was a timing function that was slighty randon as suggested above like wait 15 – 30 seconds between swords etc that could be seen as a “human” time but take out the ridiculous clicking that annoys us all.

  6. Thank you so much for this. I’ve found this extension to be incredibly useful. I have a few issues/suggestions that I’d like to mention.

    a) The “send selected” function doesn’t seem to only send selected swords for me. The first page of swords (first 4) are deployed according to whether or not they are checked but the others seem to go no matter what, as long as they are not currently doing something else.

    b) I can only speak for myself, but I never use the “Adventure” button to send all swords on the same quest using the same action. Because my swords do different actions better than others, I end up using the “Custom Adventure” button 100% of the time.

    c) The single biggest way that I can think of to improve the ease of use of this extension would be to somehow separate the assigning of specific actions from the assigning of adventures. My swords tend to specialize in one action and therefore use that action repetitively, regardless of what adventure they go on. If I could easily keep the actions the same while changing the adventure, it would be AMAZING.

    Thank you again for such a useful extension and I look forward to using it more in the future.

    1. Well thank you for your feedback 🙂

      a) I’ll see if I can reproduce this bug and fix it 😉

      b) well the Adventure button doesn’t take up much space so there’s no reason to remove it, is there? And maybe some people are using it sometimes.

      c) But that would only save you one click? I mean selecting the action isn’t that much work, is it?

      1. b) I uses it all the time. Hardly use the Customized versions. Sometimes when I’m on the hunt for something in particular, I’ll set it because I tend to forget where it’s located. That’s when I set it.

        c) I think he means so that he don’t have to remember who’s what. Just have an assigned SS ID to a specific talent/subtalent. I can see the merit of this.

      2. Regarding c), I was thinking that it would be awesome if you could set each sword’s action separately from setting which adventure they go on so you could just change adventures without changing actions.

        Let me offer an example. Let’s say there are three swords, Albert, Bob and Cathy, each with a different specialty. Albert is a vanguard, Bob is a merchant and Cathy is an agent. Right now if I want to send these swords on the Volume 1 Level 1 adventure, I have to individually set both the adventure and the action (fight, barter and spy, respectively). Later, if I want them to go on the V1 L2 adventure, I would have to again set both their action and the adventure for each sword.

        I’m not sure how difficult it would be in terms of programming, but I was thinking that it would be amazing if the action settings for Albert, Bob and Cathy could be changed independent of the adventure they went on so that if they were currently set up to fight, barter and spy in V1 L1, I would just have to “select all” and change the adventure to V1 L2 in order for them to fight, barter and spy in the L2 adventure.

        I have dozens of swords but each of them use the same type of action no matter what adventure they go on. This would save me (and probably a lot of other people) a LOT of time clicking.

        Thanks again for a great extension and for taking feedback.

      3. For me personally, I use the adventure button only, I never use the custom button. I send ALL on same adventure with my keeps strongest and fastest action. Removing that would make this tool useless to me.

  7. Any chance of an update to retrieve from the AvA?
    You already retrieve (Not send) from PtP, so if you could add that as well, it would be great 🙂

    1. maybe if you tell me what AvA means 😉
      I’m not really playing this game anymore.
      I’m just playing it to test and work on this extension so I don’t know all of the game specific abbreviations 🙂

      1. Oh, sorry, Alliance vs Alliance 🙂
        You send out your SS’s to raid other Alliance warcamps. then they come back and you have to retrieve them to get the results

        XHR finished loading: “”.

        Engaging Camp
        <span class="btnwrap btnsm" onclick="return allianceShowResults(######)"


        Pasted the code, but not sure if it will actually display, so I took a screenshot of the code

        The camp_attack_progress?id=###### and allianceShowResults(######) are the same #’s. The adv_status isn’t 🙂

          1. were you able to take a look at it and see if you can add AvA result to the check results section?

          2. Not yet, sorry, I am pretty busy right now. I hope I’ll have time to do that on the weekend.

    1. No, sorry.
      As I already said I won’t add P2P since that wouldn’t be fair to the GoT:A users who do not use this extension.

  8. Hi, I’m getting a time out during beseech results. I get gears then a message stating “results are being reported. check back later”. I lost about half my results from my run.

    Uninstalling and re-installing doesn’t work. Any ideas?

  9. This is incredible! Thank you so much. Is there a possibility that PtP could be included in the actions somehow in the future?

    1. I could do that but I won’t.
      I’m changing enough by allowing mass sending to adventures and DB is right that this might split the community because you guys got an awesome advantage.
      If I’d add mass sending to PtP that would be an extreme advantage and I think that wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the playerbase.
      So sorry but I have to disappoint you 🙁

  10. Stefan, here’s an idea: when listing the number of blue gems why don’t you change “you win” to “you LOSE” 🙂

  11. Stefan, they obviously know you created the extention and they haven’t taken any action against you yet, have they? Will everybody using this script please let us know if DB does roll back your character or bans you?

        1. the risk is getting banned?
          Although I personally don’t think they’ll ban you immediately but that’s just what I think.
          If anyone gets banned please tell me immediately so I can notify all users.

  12. I’ve used the extension a couple times and can send out SS, but the results icon is not clickable so I have to check my SS results one-by-one. Any thoughts?

    1. that’s weird.
      have you tried reloading the page when your sworn swords are ready?
      because somehow the timer that tells me when the sworn swords are finished is kinda buggy.
      haven’t found a solution how I can refresh it yet.

      1. What happened to the collect silver idea? that resets the SS timer. Would just need to set a delay for a second or 2 before it starts the actions so that the timer is updated.

        1. oops. didn’t think the 1st one went thru because I got an error. Shoulda checked 1st. Silly that I can’t remove a post 🙂

          1. well I can 😉
            That doesn’t work that well since it’s always opening the counting house and I don’t wanna jump around between dialogs all the time.
            Didn’t find the function that refreshes the player object yet.

      2. It works, I had to go to my last page of SS, then back to my first for it to say “view results”. Works great now!!!

  13. It’s SOOOO worth the risk. If DB wants to ban me for using it, then they are just losing a paying customer. Until they build a similar feature into the game, I’ll keep using this extension because not using it makes the game unbearable to play. Thanks for the recent update as well. The extension is near flawless now IMO.

  14. Figures.
    They say “Yeah, sure this is fine” then “ZOMG!!! BEWARE OF HACKERS!!!! And the poor FB/Kong people!! They won’t be able to use it!” later.

  15. I installed the extension and have entered the game via the company’s website but I do not see the extension anywhere in the SS dialogue boxes. I have shut down Chrome and restarted it with no change. Not sure what I have done wrong. Any help would be appreciated

    1. is a little Ned Stark Icon in your browser bar? (that light grey bar on the top)
      if not the extension is either not installed or inactive.

        1. hm, that’s strange.
          on the page press ctrl+shift+i and look for errors in swornswords.js.
          You can do that by clicking on the warning symbol on the bottom right corner. The file in which the error happens is always on the right.
          If you find an error please tell me the line and the message.

  16. GRATZ on the update from DB!!!
    Have they put that in writing on the forum? Because otherwise they can back down on that shit whenever they want 🙂

    1. Posted up by someone. It’s old (8/22) and I know you just posted your info in the past several hours, so, think something official like a post on the Forum asking with an answer, or a screenshot of the answer, would help.

        1. Hm, replied to the support with this image. I don’t really understand why that Mod thinks that this extension would use the game in a way it is not intended o.O

          1. Well, depends on when you got the OK 🙂 That image was from 8/22. Almost 20 days ago. If a Mod has an issue, but DB doesn’t…then DB sure as hell overrides the Mod 🙂
            Tho, i thought Nod was more than a Mod….dunno.

            Post up a screenshot of what you got (blackout stuff in the email if you need to that doesn’t pertain or are personal) on the forum.
            Let them answer. If there’s a name of who said it was OK, that needs to be there as well 🙂

  17. One problem I find with this extension is that when I click any of my SSs, it always takes me back to the top. When I want to click through them to see their equipment for example, I have to turn off the extension, refresh, do whatever and then turn it back on. Would be nice to have a workaround for this.

    1. Actually, I have an old version on my browser and the tool stopped in the middle of sending. After refreshing, I noticed my command points were maxed out. So, either my connection or browser messed up the tool and it only conveniently stopped at my max command points, or DB finally implemented a check themselves.

      1. oooo….I’ll have to check at some point. only have 12 SS’s and 22 CP’s
        Gotta start earning those silver and get me some SS’s and test.
        Easy way to test is also to do it via a bookmark. I had all of the direct links in a folder and when I middle clicked it it would ask if I really wanted to open THAT many tabs at one time 🙂

      1. Yeah, that’s what he means.
        When I click thru, and click a SS on, say, page 3, it then flips back to page 1

    2. Here’s a quick Video of it. Nothing shows in the log, but then again, nothing from OmniSword ever shows in the log. At least not that I ever see.

  18. Hi – great extension! Just wondering, it looks like it will only go 4 pages deep even though I should have a 5th page of swords. Is that a known limitation or did I find something new (or somehow is it a user error?)

    I was also seeing the issue with all swords sent out whether or not they were checked, by the way.

    Additionally, have you considered adding functionality for auto-collecting coins/resources or creating items?

    Anyway, thanks a million for this. Hey, do you have some kind of donate section on your blog? I’d definitely be willing to throw a couple bucks down…

    1. What’s your advice on this Stefan ? Like having 5 seconds for the send of the first SS, 8 after for the next, well, let’s say a random timer between 3 and 10 seconds. I don’t care if it takes longer for the whole process as long as i don’t have to do tons of mindless clicking. Not asking that to encourage cheating, but i kind of fear that DB will not consider your add on for what it is, a very useful program, and will start to retaliate against players using it.

      1. I don’t really think that would help if they wanted to check for exactly this utility.
        If not they most likely won’t ban you for clicking on the send button very fast (there’d be easier ways to check for this utility).
        Plus the time is already pretty random since the extension always has to wait for the dialogs to pop up and it depends on your connection how fast that is.
        Anyway I’ll implement an optional feature for you guys because I don’t want to piss off other people who don’t want to wait that much.
        But this might take some time since I’m a little busy right now.

    2. Oh, by the way, it wasn’t a 4 page issue. It was the fact that there were 4 full pages and by adding the “all sworn swords” icon, it should have added a 5th page with 1 sword. Once I added another sword, it added a 5th page with 2 swords on it.

      1. oh I thought you were talking about the custom adventures dialog.
        And no I don’t have a donate section and I’m pretty sure there will never be one.
        Maybe I’ll sell some software in the future. Got a few ideas.
        But I don’t need donations since I have everything I need.

        1. Glad to hear you’re in a good place. Just wanted to offer you some good will for your hard work. 🙂 Oh, and it sounds like they’re finally getting around to adding something similar in game after all this time. You’ve saved me countless hours over the last 6 or so months, though. Thanks again!

  19. Sometimes it happens that one SS is not sent out. And it seems that the option to send selected only does not work (it sends all SS available nevertheless). Aparta from that the extension is great!

        1. After today’s update of Microsoft Silverlight the Omnisword stopped to worked (it shows the screen of Beseeching results and freezes)… 🙁

          1. Understandable 🙂
            Wishing I’d kept the older version now so that I could compare it and see exactly WHAT 2 line need to be fixed.
            Took a look, and I can’t figure out what the heck it all means. much less the part that looks at the total command points and stops it 🙂
            Aw well. 🙁

          2. Checkin’ on that but I don’t really understand how gota is in any way connected to silverlight o.O

            Edit: Works like a charm for me :S Without further information like error messages (Ctrl+Shift+I) I can’t help 🙁

        2. Yes. Same problem for me. Same issue as well with jumping back to page 1 of the sworn swords whenever I click on an individual sworn sword.

          1. Yup, was just coming here to post a screenshot of the insufficient command points. Dammit 🙁
            I think he set the code to read the # of CP’s avail and only sends out those amount. Not sure tho.

  20. View results working great after the update today. This extension is amazing. No more hand cramps from excessive clicking. Thanks for the great extension and keep it up!

  21. “View Results” not working for me either.

    Also… only a minor criticism – some of the archaic language (‘ye canst’, ‘thine’, etc.) is a bit OTT – the game, TV show, and books don’t use it.

    Still a great extension though. Thanks!

    1. The woodwitch in House Stark speaks like that 🙂
      Have you updated to v1.3.7.1?
      If not visit chrome://extensions, click “update now” and reload the gota website

  22. Anyone having problems with the Omnisword today? I’ve been trying to get the results but it stops after 4-5 Swords. I tried it a few times but still the same thing. 🙁

    1. Hm, I don’t have any problems :/
      Can you please open the console with Ctrl+Shift+I and look for errors or warnings?

      1. Um how do I look for errors or warnings? 🙁 I managed to get all results earlier but I had to manually view one of them first. No problem in sending out but now, it stops getting results again towards the end.

        To add…. I again manually viewed the results of one of the swords since we can see whose results hasn’t been viewed yet. After that, the results screen showed up again. Hmmm.

      2. Having problems as well.

        GET 404 (Not Found) thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:387
        send thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:387
        k.extend.ajax thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:381
        pvpRenderDetails compiled.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:6148
        (anonymous function)
        os_injectScript swornswords.js:121
        os_getResults swornswords.js:420
        os_getResults swornswords.js:426
        (anonymous function) swornswords.js:344
        jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3074
        elemData.handle jquery.js:2750

        XHR finished loading: “”. thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:387
        send thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:387
        k.extend.ajax thorium.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:381
        pvpRenderDetails compiled.js?t=6844f0f71aa8:6148
        (anonymous function)
        os_injectScript swornswords.js:121
        os_getResults swornswords.js:420
        os_getResults swornswords.js:426
        (anonymous function) swornswords.js:344
        jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3074
        elemData.handle jquery.js:2750

        Looks like you might have uncommented out the pvp code?
        Tho, damned if I see anything there that says pvps without pvpSelectAction so I got no idea.

        1. yes I did, since it worked like a charm for me.
          The problem with these errors is that they happen in the got script not mine.
          So it’s pretty hard to find a solution/the error :/

          1. Not that it’ll help any, but I checked the part that does the “adventure_progress” and that whole thing is commented out. I uncommented it as a test and it game me an error about “win not defined” or something.

          2. nah that code was the old version with the alert box 😉
            didn’t want to delete it when I made the new version in case that the new version didn’t work.

          3. Some ******* just asked for support for this extension in the Disruptor Beam forum. Just a head’s up.

          4. It is getting stuck when it comes to the SS who is not adventuring. For me the one who is doing bonus quests. If I send them on adventure it works.

          5. Thanks for the information 🙂
            Are the sworn swords finished with their bonus quests, aren’t doing anything or still on the mission?
            Yeah, I think I found the problem.
            When doing pvp the opponents sworn sword id is stored as cooldown_ref and I was checking for a cooldown_ref > 10000 since the cooldown_ref of missions is like 2 or 3 while the sworn sword ids are 6-7 digits.
            Unfortunately it seems like the missions got a cooldown_ref with 9 digits.
            I think I’ll just try to check for less than 9 digits. Does anyone know if there are sworn sword ids with 9 digits?
            I doubt it since I don’t think they want to mix sworn swords and missions but I’m not entirely sure.

  23. With my SS order getting all unorganized, some of the SS which I don’t want to go out on adventures get thrown out there. I know there’s the long way of setting each one up in custom, but that becomes difficult when you want to change the adventure location. Is there a way to alter the custom adventure section so that you can pick an adventure and action type and have it applied to every SS on the custom adventure screen? Then I can simply “Unset” the few I don’t want to be sent out. I figured this might be the easiest way to do it to avoid too much coding on your end 😛

    1. AKA a Mass Set?
      And then pick and choose which ones you don’t want to go out by unsetting them?
      Sounds good.
      Or a Checkbox that will send out only the SS’s checked might be a good idea as well 🙂

      1. I see there are checkboxes now, but I guess the most time-consuming part isn’t just sending out specific SS’s, but setting the missions to begin with. Based on the time of day and what I’m farming if I were to use the custom adventure feature I would have to click “Set Adventure” again on each SS if I’m changing the mission. I guess I can’t really complain because that is what everyone else has to do (who doesn’t have your extension), but it’s just a suggestion to somehow put a “Set All SS” button 😛

        1. yeah I know but that’s a bit more work and I wanted to upload a fix for the results dialog today.
          selected set and unset buttons will be part of the next version.

    1. He said he didn’t want to turn his add on into a cheating tool, so i doubt he’s going to publicly explain how to do so two posts after… If you really want to cheat, make an effort and search by yourself… Bored with your kind. And feel free to insult me, i don’t care.

    2. I used an old version that didn’t have the CP limitation and it still cuts you off at the CP limit. DB must have put in another check on their side, so commenting it out wouldn’t make a difference.

    1. who said that I know how to do that? o.O
      I don’t think that bookmarking works with ptp since you’d probably attack the same persons over and over again.

      1. I said “if you can.” It would be nice to barter, which is helpful, the same person and do it quickly. It’s a pain when you have too many


        You get the targetid by right clicking the players banner (the one you create with stags and eagles and crap) and the # that the image is is the # you use.
        You get the SSid by right clicking the SS image and selecting “View Element” and you’ll see

        the # is the SSid
        the rest can just be left as is.

        1. oops. put in the whole bit of code with the <'s and it removed it:

          You get the SSid by right clicking the SS image and selecting “View Element” and you’ll see
          span class="item_mini_q_c_#####"

          the # is the SSid
          the rest can just be left as is.

          1. It only works for target ids with 5 digits. How do we fix t using IDs with more than 6 digits? or even less?

          2. Great update… But now I just use the send out all swords to the same mission feature for farming resources and items. Can you please add “ADD RANDOM BOON” option to this feature. I have 50 sworn swords and over 50 people sending me boons everyday… It’s so hard to manage the boons.. It’s even very difficult to try to sell them off. Thanks. Keep up the good work.

          3. I’ll see what I can do 😉
            Unfortunately I’m a bit stressed right now so I’ll probably won’t do additional stuff (except for bug fixing) this week.

          4. Oh wait, it works to some IDs but not to other IDs regardless of number of digits.
            What do you think is the problem?

          5. I tried other IDs. It only doesnt work for IDs with 6 digits. Can you suggest any work-around for this? Thank you very much =)

          6. Thank you! You were very helpful. I realized i didnt read your post well to get the right target_ID. Thank you!!!

          1. Didn’t think I’d have to mention removing the TARGETID_HERE or SSID_HERE parts. 🙂

            I didn’t notice that when I pressed the Post button all the []’s were changed to %5B’s and %5D’s
            That might be part of the problem.

            Reposting without the http part and hoping it won’t screw it up


            If it’s screwed up, look for and replace

            %5Btarget_id%5D with [target_id]
            %5Bsworn_sword_id%5D with [sworn_sword_id]
            %5Bpvp_action_symbol%5D with [pvp_action_symbol]
            %5Bsub_region_symbol%5D with [sub_region_symbol]
            %5Battack_value%5D with [attack_value]
            %5Bdefense_value%5D with [defense_value]

          2. Now sure what you mean about it not working for targets with 5 more than digits. I’m using it on someone with 7, so that’s certainly not the problem. Unless it’s related to the whole thing about the code being being weird from my previous paste.

            If you don’t think it’s working, here’s what you need to do to see if there’s something wrong.
            Go to the GoTA site
            Open the Console by pressing ctrl-shift-J
            On the bottom Left Click the window looking icon that says “Undock into separate window”
            Click the gear icon and make sure “Log XMLHttpRequests” is checked.
            Do whatever it is that you do to normally send out a PtP
            Read the Console. There’s going to be a ton of spam stuff in there because GoTA floods so much into the console that it doesn’t need to, that it’s a mess, so you need to read carefully.
            Look for the thing that looks like what I said to use. if it’s different, which it might be, then use that.
            I’ve found that the [sub_region_symbol] means nothing really. It’ll still send them out.
            No idea if the [attack_value] really matter. My Barter value is way more than 11, but that is old code. Does that mean that you can fake it and make to 2000 and have it work? I don’t know. You can change it to at least your actual value if you want. I just did it manually and it changed it to my actual value of 141. But like I said, 11’s working for me and I haven’t seen any fails more than normal.

            Tho that WOULD make it interesting when it comes to Attacks and stuff….enter in 500000 as an attack value and guarantee success. But I’m betting that in the end the code takes over and ignores that input and does it’s own thing. Feel free to trying and report back on that tho 😉

  24. It appears that DB’s policy is no third party programs whatsoever, even if they aren’t used to cheat. Is there any chance you could randomize the time between the sending of each SS to make the add on less easily detectable if they ever decide to go on a ban spree ? Thanks for your work.

  25. If you ever plan a feature for mass sending SS to PTP, please remove the possibility for people to send more SS than the number of command points they have. That would totally break the balance of the game and remove all interest in it. Same goes foradventures, please correct that for them in your future versions. Your add on is awesome, it doesn’t really need the publicity of being a cheating tool.

      1. So in it won’t go over the max SS you can send on Adventures? 🙁
        How about an option to turn that off for us rogues 🙂

        1. Sorry but I don’t want this extension to be a cheat utility 🙂
          Anyway I can’t stop you from uncommenting the two lines in the two Adventure functions.

          1. Thanks. I do believe most people just have the desire to send their SS more easily and not to cheat.

    1. Did you follow the instructions?
      Because if you just click on the download link it won’t work. You gotta find the extension file (.crx) in your download folder and drag&drop it on the chrome://extensions page.

    1. Do you mean PvP? If so I might add send to PvP but that could take some time since it’s totally different from sending to an adventure.

  26. The results page will not display — Have deleted cache and restarted Chrome. so if I am farming resources I still need to open each SS to get the goods, cant just hit resend after they are done. Anyone else have this issue. One time it started to get the results, bar went 10mm then hung.

    1. Hm, I’m sorry to hear that but it works just fine for me.
      If you press Ctrl+Shift+I and click on the show console icon (bottom left) -> Errors is there any error?
      I’d need more information to find out why it is not working for you.

      1. Just happened to me too. Clicked Results and nothing happens. Here’s what’s in the console

        Uncaught ReferenceError: ss is not defined swornswords.js:401
        os_getResults swornswords.js:401
        os_getResults swornswords.js:415
        (anonymous function) swornswords.js:336
        jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3074
        elemData.handle jquery.js:2750

        1. Thank you very much! Such a stupid error ^^ Wrote ss-ids instead of ss_ids.
          But I have one question regarding that: Did you send any of your Sworn Swords to pvp?
          Because this line of code should only be executed if so and if not I gotta find another way to determine if it is pvp.

          1. For what it’s worth, i think there’s more to the error than what me and a friend of mine call a 1CT (1 Character Typo)

            I made the change in line 401 from ss-ids to ss_ids and now I’m getting a different error when clicking View Results

            GET 404 (Not Found) thorium.js?t=85bde312eecf:387
            send thorium.js?t=85bde312eecf:387
            k.extend.ajax thorium.js?t=85bde312eecf:381
            pvpRenderDetails compiled.js?t=85bde312eecf:6058
            (anonymous function) [VM] (392):1
            os_injectScript swornswords.js:113
            os_getResults swornswords.js:409
            os_getResults swornswords.js:415
            (anonymous function) swornswords.js:336
            jQuery.event.dispatch jquery.js:3074
            elemData.handle jquery.js:2750

          2. hm, I’ll upload a fix and comment out the code that should get the pvp results until I found out how to fix this.

    2. send half of ur ss’s pn a adventure then the other half a min later. i had the same problem. when the first pack of ss’s are done collect from them then the second pack. after you do this you should be able to do them all at once, i think it fucks up like that when u have alot of ss’s

  27. Hi, I would like to adapt this to work on the Kong site as well. What aspect of the code makes this site-dependent since the game itself is on the same server for all 3 sites?

    1. The problem is that the facebook version runs in an iframe and I’d have to run the code in the iframe for it to work (and I’m just to lazy right now to find out how I can access the iframe content).
      The only reason why this is site-dependent is that the extensions script only runs if you’re on the gota… website.

      1. I have wanted to make this exact thing for months but I only learned about it today. I am seriously interested in doing what I can to get it working on Kongregate. If that ends up helping FB players too, all the better. Let me know if you can help me get it working and if you are able and willing to send me the source. I want it to become highly accessible.

    1. Uh, well I didn’t test it but since I’m just calling javascript functions like you’d do by clicking on the buttons I don’t see any reason why it shouldn’t work with https.
      Didn’t test it though.

      1. It doesn’t work in https. Reason I ask is because simply adding it bypasses the firewall at my work so I can play lol

        1. Oh yeah, that’s simply because the script isn’t executed on https I can change that in the next build 😉

  28. Hi! First, let me say that this extension is a dream come true. Thank you for developing it!

    Suggestions for improvement:

    Have an option to limit the amount of swords sent to stay within command points.

    Currently, if you use the custom adventure option, using the view results button does not seem to work. Could you fix that?

    How about a sword training feature? That would be amazing… 🙂

    Thank you again!

    1. The custom adventure option is in no relation to the view results button so there gotta be an other reason why it doesn’t work for you.
      But I’d need more information to reproduce the error.
      And no sorry I won’t train your sworn swords, that’s something you should do yourself.

  29. Hi, out of curiosity how many time did it took you to develop this add on ? This is the most needed ingame feature right now, still DB can’t or don’t want to come with it.

    1. phew, that’s a hard question.
      I didn’t count it but I assume one could do that in a few hours (around 4-10 hours)

      1. Ok, thanks for your answer. This feature has been requested by players for months on DB boards, and if it’s not already here; i can only assume they don’t want it in the game… Or they don’t have the skills to do it (which i doubt…)

  30. “Use, develop or distribute “auto” software programs, “macro” software programs or other “cheat utility” software program or applications in violation of the applicable License Agreements.”

    If DB finds out about this, you might be in trouble

    1. In what way is this any of these?
      It won’t play the game for you nor is it in any way a cheat utility it just makes sending out sworn swords easier.
      They should be happy about this because it removes a really annoying aspect of the game and therefore the player is more likely to continue playing the game -> Profit.

      1. I know you mean well, Stefan. We just want to make sure DB does not reset our accounts if we use this. We all worked hard and spent lots of time and resources in this game.

        Everyone wants DB to apply this kind of utility in-game and i’m just wondering why they have not done this themselves.

  31. Has anyone checked if this doesn’t violate the terms of Service of DB?
    I’m afraid this works like a bot and DB could reset players accounts if found using this.
    Can anyone confirm, please?

    1. I’ll ask them but I don’t think so since it’s still you sending out your sworn sword. The extension won’t play for you and will never do.

      1. Stefan, it is bypassing the command points. Unless the user chooses to be honest and individually count their CPs and how many sworn swords they are sending rather than all it does bypass restrictions of the game. That is the only issue I can see with it. This is a beautiful tool, kudos for your hard work. DB should be paying you a salary.

        1. Really? That would be new for me and definitely not my fault since I’m actually just doing the same you’re doing when sending your sworn sword just programmatically.

        2. You do know that you can do the exact same thing with bookmarks correct?

          If you open the console (ctrl-shift-j) and under Setting enable viewing the Log XMLHttpRequest, you can see nearly everything that is loaded up. Including the exact code used on the Adventures and PvP and from there you can bookmark them all. Save them in a folder and then use the Open All command and then you have hundreds of SS’s sent out on Adventures or PvP’s in just a few seconds. Bookmarks aren’t illegal are they?

          This script doesn’t even send them out directly bypassing all the clicks needed like a bookmark does. This actually, from what I see happening, goes and clicks on each and every SS and sends them out itself.
          If DB uses a Pay-Per-Click method as some games do, in that for every click on their game, they collect a certain amount of money, then this is doing every click that you would do, but automated and they will get their money.

          Now, while YES, I do think that this script should know how many SS’s you can “legitimately” send out at a time and send out only that many, it’s also sloppy coding by DB that allows for sending out more than the CPs allow.

          I just sent out 50 SS’s more than I have CP’s and I didn’t use this script at all.

          This is a game to be played, not a chore to send out SS’s. If DB developed a way to do what this script does, then there’d be no reason for it to exist.
          Unless it started doing the same thing for PvP’s 🙂

          1. Guadalupe, I’m lost after you enable the Log XMLHttpRequest. Will you please share what you do next?

  32. Great job, and I like the new interface and results page except for the fact that when I harass, it only shows “opponent silver depleted” reward so I have no idea what I got. That pop up summary box would still be nice to have at least as an option since that’s a lot faster. Love the extension BTW!

    1. Thank you very much! With harass you mean in pvp? I’ll take a look at that and will add a new summary for results 😉
      Edit: Ah I just found out what you meant. Didn’t know that there was an additional element when harrassing. Working on a fix right now 🙂

    1. Hi, I just finished a new build allowing to set a custom adventure + custom action for each of your sworn swords and I’m almost finished testing it.

  33. Is it possible to make the same thing for Player to Player actions so as to barter with friends more easily?

  34. After the new build this morning, it seems to be broken again. The sworn swords will all go out, but we can’t review the results because there seems to be a but with the timer going on. It just won’t go to zero, after reload, the timer starts again. Any way of getting it fixed up? thanks

    Edit (Merged comments):
    the “bug”.. not but LOL a lot of people are having timer issues… bug in game, because some are not even using your extension utility, and they are having the timer bug as well :/

  35. Hi Stefan,

    This extension can be used to exploit an in-game bug. How can I contact you personally to explain the issue?



  36. this extension is not working since the new build of June 18th in game. Just thought I would let you know.

      1. Thanks Stefan! I would quit the game without your extension, for now I’m lying low till you release it 😀

        1. Not sure if I understand what you’re talking about o.O
          I’ve already released it?
          v1.2 was released yesterday and works just fine with the new build of June 18th
          If you haven’t got the latest update, browse to your extensions page and click “Check for updates”
          But anyway, you’re welcome! 🙂

  37. Is this compatible with Macs? When I try to download the extension, it asks me if I want to, I say continue, it pops up for maybe 1 second in my download bar, and it’s gone.

    1. It should be.
      Have you searched for it in your download directory?
      Since v. 27 of Chrome, I can’t see the download either but I found the extension in my download directory.
      The file name is: “Game_Of_Thrones_Ascent_OmniSword_Extension.crx”

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